- Increased Performance.
    - New Daily Logins (Monthly NPC comes later).
    - Added new Event decoration for April in Hakains Crossing.
    - Added a new Server Event Buff.
    - Removed Cutscene when you enter a Map.
    - Changed the Wizard Manashield to be same as Korean one:
    * 1 min and 30 sec with 55% Cooldown reduction and it blocks now 20% more damage.
    - Added Buff Potions and Legendary Seal Stone to Ancient Coin NPC.
    - Added the missing Recipes from the dungeon shops.
    - You can now forfeit the quest, where you need to Help Jaden in Brakar Forrest.
    - Aschente and Golden Baros can spawn now inside Laboratory.
    - Added Cherry Blossom Event:
    * Each 15 min you get a Cherry Blossom in your Ellora Storage (buy 1 coin to refresh the Ellora Storage).
    * You can trade the Cherry Blossom for several Buff, Tempering/Drop Rate Rabbinis or a Blossom Torkai.


    - Fixed Dungeon Certification Shop.
    - More HP to Karon inside Familiar laboratory.
    - Stronghold Owners bug fix for EU.
    - The lvl 200 Heroic Stone from RRB Shop works on Temain now.
    - 2 New Costumes and 2 new Shoulder pets in the Cash Shop
    - Legendary Dungeon Certificates Quest added infront of every dungeon (the Bunny NPC). They all got added to Main Plaza too.
    - Legendary RRB Certificate Quest added infront of RRB.
    - Reduced the reuse time for Buff Potions to 1 Sec.
    - You can exchange now Baking Powder for other Event Crafting Materials
    - February and March Writs NPC added
    - Stygeae is now Open.


    - Manastone quest changes if you kill someone or if you your guild wins.
    - The Manastone holder get's a lvl 3 Guild hall scroll. He can sell it in the marketplace or give it to his guild master to open it.
    - The NPC for the Kill Quest will now appear 10 min before Manastone appears. Take it, if it doesnt auto accept the quest.
    - Added Valentine's Day Event. Will end on 28.02.2019
    - Reduced Assassin PvP Attack Rate against other classes
    - Higher rate for Event item drop
    - Valentine’s Day
    - All monsters can drop variety of Event items (materials for cooking and Candys) Collect the Candys for the Blue repeatable quest “Daveen’s Sweet Gift” to receive a Rainbow Candy. You can use it to buff yourself up.
    - Daveen have a Daily Green Quest “Daveen’s lost Candy”, complete a lv. 40/50 Legendary Dungeon to receive a “Sweet Candy Bag”. Contains 3 Rainbow Candys and an exchange item for the Event NPC Shop (3rd Tab).
    - The “Cake with heart recipe” can be bought from Daveen. Gather the materials from killing any mobs and cook an event item to exchange for several items from Daveen.
    - The Event will end 28th February.
    - Quests with "Finish the dungeon with a low level party member" changed to "Finish the dungeon with a party member"
    - At each Legendary Dungeon, there is a quest to give you Legendary Dungeon Certificate. Collect them to exchange them for some nice stuff (The Shop comes in the following days) You can farm the Certificates already.


    - Priest Healing Skill should now heal correctly without missing (If target has a Shield then no effect)
    - Pirate Leader Karrad Skill bug (Undead) Fixed. Enough of crying, because of this :D
    - Added all guild icons
    - 50% increased Drop rate for Alsas/Temain to Zelnaris Recipes and Mythical Stones.
    - Added Temain Succession Recipes drop able from Kurodian in Tomb of the Wyrm (Legendary)
    - 50% increased Drop rate for Alsas to Temain Succession Recipes.
    - Better stability for Manastone
    - More HP for Christmas Sled
    - No Coin Revive at Badlands
    - Less mobs near Stronghold control Points
    - Special daily reward for new accounts
    - Fix Hakanas Highland mobs spawn
    - Blue Fox event quest 2 is fixed (test please who couldn't get it)
    - Bloodless set effect fixed


    - New Crafting Chances
    - Higher Awakening rates (around x2 of normal rate)
    - Higher Transcending/overrise chances
    - Mythical Tempering over +5 will not Reset anymore.
    - No more Reset/Destruction Tempering.
    - The McBain NPC will sell single materials for crafting Mythical. Like Zelnaris Mark/Soul Stones and so on.
    - Fixing the % Drop for Tempering Stones inside RRB.
    - Added for some familiars a pet familiar.
    - Santa’s Paws added in Evolution Tab
    - Cooldown of Dungeons removed
    - Relic Protection with Coins is now 100% Safe.
    - Guild Points needed to level up a Guild is reduced by 70%.
    - Increased Drop Rate Buff 50% to 200%
    - The Christmas Update is enabled also. It will end 1st February 2019
    - Hakanas Crossing map changed to Christmas style Map.
    - You will find inside Dungeons (any Difficulty) a Snowman.
    - The Snowman drops with 100% chance always a Candy. Santa Stocking (Depends of the Snowman. Higher Dungeon = Higher amount)
    - Lowest Snowman can drop 1-6 Santa Stockings
    - Another Snowman can drop 5-11 Santa Stockings
    - Bigger Snowman can drop 10-16 Santa Stockings
    - Best Snowman can drop 15-21 Santa Stockings
    - Fixing Hakanas Coins Shop
    - Fixing Transcending Rates
    - Fixing Assassin Bleed Buff
    - Fixing Tempering Reset Bug
    - Aschente respawn is reduced to 6 hours


    - Halloween Event
    - New Daily Login rewards
    - RRB Drops Changed
    - Assassin First Poison Bleed nerfed (need to find a solution for that)
    - Increased HP of Halloween Boss (Critical Penetration should not kill the boss so fast anymore)
    - Refining/honing Stones 60/65
    - Transcending Stones 60/65
    - Heroic Tempering Stones
    - Lv. 220-250 Elite Tempering Stones
    - Lv. 170-200 Heroic Tempering Stones
    - Laboratory Mark Box
    - Event extended till 30th Day
    - Removed Junk. Only the first Mobs can drop some materials for Mark Crafting.
    - Assassin First Poison Bleed nerfed. Same damage as normal Assassin Bleed.
    - Increased HP of Halloween Boss (Critical Penetration should not kill the boss so fast anymore)
    - Removed the need of Fabled Emblems to enter Legendary/Raid Dungeons.
    - Monthly NPC Reward added
    - There is a 15% chance that Awakened Sandstorm will spawn now. He drops 3 Boxes and you can drop Mythical Weapons, Mythical Refining/Honing Stones, Zelnaris Soul Stones, 65 Refining/Honing Stones, 65 Transcending Stones, Reverse Stones and other stuff.


    - My own PvP Balances regarding Stronghold Feedback.
    - Increased the dmg to Priests
    - Taking a Spot takes now 15 sec or 16 sec.
    - Reviving in Stronghold takes now 25 Sec.
    - Ress bug fixed in Stronghold
    - Damage overall in PvP Increased for all Classes.
    - New PvP Dmg calculation (same as NA)
    - Respawn time increased to 30 sec (last try)
    - Fixed Familiar: Aschente from Monthly NPC.


    - Fixed Bloodless Set effects
    - Fixed Set effect of the Adrian Familiar Equipment Set (bind)
    - Fixed Weekly Spire Score (yesterday the score will not count)
    - Familiar Window is now smoother while scrolling
    - Fixed Bloodless 4 slot crafting
    - New Daily Login Rewards and NPC
    - The Event will finish
    - PvP Balances from Korea (No Manashield Debuff)

  • Drop Changes Part 1

    All Legendary difficulty Dungeons received new drops.
    Lvl 65 Legendary Dungeon:
    Reverse Stone
    Honing Stone lvl 55
    Honing Stone lvl 60
    Honing Stone lvl 65
    Refining Stone lvl 55
    Refining Stone lvl 60
    Refining Stone lvl 65
    Lv. 180 Heroic Temper Stone
    Lv. 190 Heroic Temper Stone
    Blessed Heroic Tempering Stone
    Blessed Elite Tempering Stone
    Legendary Seal Stone
    +5 Extractor
    Lv. 55 Transcending Stone
    Lv. 60 Transcending Stone
    Lv. 65 Transcending Stone

    Lvl 60 Legendary Dungeons:
    Reverse Stone
    Honing Stone lvl 55
    Honing Stone lvl 60
    Refining Stone lvl 55
    Refining Stone lvl 60
    Lv. 180 Heroic Temper Stone
    Blessed Heroic Tempering Stone
    Blessed Elite Tempering Stone
    Legendary Seal Stone
    +5 Extractor
    Lv. 55 Transcending Stone
    Lv. 60 Transcending Stone

    Lvl 50 Legendary Dungeon:
    Reverse Stone
    Honing Stone lvl 55
    Honing Stone lvl 60
    Refining Stone lvl 55
    Refining Stone lvl 60
    Lv. 180 Heroic Temper Stone
    Legendary Seal Stone
    +5 Extractor
    Lv. 55 Transcending Stone
    Lv. 60 Transcending Stone

    Lvl 40 Legendary Dungeons:
    Reverse Stone
    Honing Stone lvl 55
    Refining Stone lvl 55
    Legendary Seal Stone
    +5 Extractor
    Lv. 55 Transcending Stone

    More to come soon.

    Cross Server Dungeons are opened too. You can now play with EU/NA people inside dungeons.​

  • Genazone weapon Tempering changes

    Genazone + Sophisticated Genazone Weapons cannot get destroyed/Reset anymore.

  • New Update 3.1 + NA Server!

    We released new update version 3.1 and new server is opened for North America!
    You can check for detailed information here: CLICK

  • New Game Update - Elemental Bliss

    Dear Players, here is the changelog with the newer features:
    - Pet Capture.
    - New Map Turimnan Valley.
    - New Dungeon „Tomb of the Wyrm“ (Legendary Mode will be added later.).
    - Familiar Evolving.
    - New Max Level Cap. 67.
    - Awakening Weapon.
    - New 3vs3 Battle Arena.
    - New Survival Defense Dungeon @ (Hakains Crossing - Baellas Library).
    - New Skills (No Skill Book needed, only max. Level).
    - Reworked/Balanced Skills and Classes.
    - New Weekly Bosses in Turimnan Valley.
    - Modified some of the old Bosses to drop Alsas and other new Items. (Jeranin)
    - New character Magician Class.
    - Fixed Several Bugs.
    - New Cash Shop Items/Costumes.
    - Several New Special Event Familars.
    - New Item Grade "Ancient" has been added to the Game. Ancient Grade Gear, can now be dropped from World Bosses
    - More Guild Emblems

    For more details please visit our forum: [HERE]

  • Referral system is fixed!

    Hello Dear Players,
    The referral system had issue connected with rewarding of the users.
    Now the problem is solved and all referral users received their rewards!
    Invite your friends, earn free Coins and enjoy together!

  • The Easter event is enabled!

    Click HERE for more information.

  • 3 winners are selected!

    The 3 WInners of the 500 Coins Giveaway are selected.
    We have added the 500 Coins to your account.
    You can transfer them to your character on the Webste.
    More Give aways will come

  • Party Drop rate increased !

    Click HERE for more information.

  • Want to win 500 Coins?

    Click HERE for more information.

  • Happy Valentine's Day!

    Happy Valentines Day everyone!
    You can now find a special Monsters in ALL Dungeons! (NOT RAIDS)

    Click HERE for more information.

  • Christmas Event is here!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!
    We hope you have a great one this year! We prepared little Snowman inside all dungeons!

    Click HERE for more information.

  • Pre-download of the new Update!

    Go to our Forum to start downloading the new client already.
    So you are prepared for the new Update, which will come this week :)
    Click HERE for more information.

  • Halloween Event is here!

    It's time to be Pumpkin Hunters!
    Find them and kill pumpkins to collect a great items! You can expect unique things!
    You can get full information of the event here: LINK

  • Referral System!

    Just a quick Update,
    We added a Referral System to our Website, all you have to do is to log-in, on our Website
    Once you did that, click "Show Referral Link".
    We left a explanation there, on how to use the System!
    Have fun

  • New Update!

    Dear Players!
    New update is released! New map "Stygaea", Integration feature and more!
    For detailed information, please click on the picture below or check our forum!

  • Celebrating our Cash Shop opening!

    Dear Players!
    Visit our facebook to participate ! :D
    You can win one of these super cool looking Familiars!

  • (Facebook Event) Another Day, Another Challenge!

    Dear Players!
    Visit our facebook to participate ! :D
    You can win this super cool looking Familiar!

  • UPDATE: Bag's for everyone!

    From now on, every new character will receive per 1x Bag with extra 24 slots in inventory and a Elite familiar.
    Have a nice game!

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